Covid-19: Help for Argentines stranded in the UK

Dear member,

As you may already know, there is a group of Argentines and Argentine residents who are stranded in the UK, currently unable to return to Argentina.

In addition to the efforts of the Argentine Government for this group, we would like to reach out to our members and networks to add our support as associations that promote cooperation between the UK and Argentina.

How to help:

1. The most urgent need is for accommodation. Therefore, if any of you know of rooms, apartments, houses, hotels, or hostels that would suit this purpose please let us know. We are looking for both free and budget accommodation. The latter will be paid for directly by each individual or family that is stranded in the UK.

2. Any other support or offer of help such as food vouchers, and/or assistance in kind which you may be able to contribute based on your respective professions and/or networks.

If you are able to help, please contact your respective association. 

We all want to help in any way that we can at this very difficult time. The Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in London is supportive of this initiative. 

Finally, for repeat medical prescriptions for the people stranded in the UK, please contact the Consulate and provide full name, date of birth, contact telephone number, address and the PRECISE name and doses of the medication/s. The person concerned will receive a private prescription by return of post, usually in 24-48 hrs 

Many thanks for your attention and collaboration.

Associations in alphabetic order:

APARU – Association of Argentine Professionals in the UK 
ARENIN – Argentinos en Inglaterra 
Argentinos en UK – Original 
Asociación de Médicos Argentinos en Gran Bretaña 
BACC – British Argentine Chamber of Commerce British 
BSMI – British San Martin Institute
Sapo de Otro Pozo – Argentinos en Londres 
SOBAL – Society of British & Argentine Lawyers 
The Anglo-Argentine Society 
The Canning Club